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pizza napoletana is a traditional speciality guaranteed (tsg) style of preparation and cooking originating from napoli, italia in the late 18th century. in 1984, the associazione verace pizza napoletana (apn) was founded in order to preserve the style’s traditions and authenticity and we are proud at volturno to be the first restaurant in massachusetts to have received their coveted certification.

what to expect
 our apn approved, 100% wood-fired clay oven was built for us by hand in italia by gianni acunto. it is to be heated up to 900°f using dried oak and pizzas must remain inside for no fewer than 60 seconds, but no greater than 90 seconds. the result is a light char and an airy crust with a distinguishably delicate chew that defines the style. in consideration of its gentle body, “toppings” are generally added sparsely so as to not compromise its structure. due to its delicate nature, pizza napoletana is best enjoyed fresh from the oven. when served in napoli, pizza is uncut and many enjoy eating with a fork and knife. another more traditional technique is for the pizza to be folded in half twice (so it resembles a triangle) and eaten almost like a sandwich. if you would like to enjoy your meal a little more authentically, feel free to ask for your pizza uncut and we will be happy to oblige!